About Us

Welcome to JustLoseIt, where we specialize in weight management, physical fitness and mental health. If you are looking for a diet plan and a 6 week challenge to become “skinny,” this is where you turn around and find another program. We do simple, calculated, and sustainable weight loss that fits in with your life. Chuck the diet pills, unfollow the instagram models and forget about keto, banting, and cheat days. Calories in, calories out, enjoy the food and drinks you love in moderation and be the best version of you.
You will be guided to consume the right number of calories each day based on our assessment of your goals, physical activity and work life.
It’s not a crash diet so you won’t lose a whack of weight in a week only to pile it back on later when you stop starving yourself. You’ll lose it in a smooth and controlled fashion and with your new lifestyle, you’ll keep it off and enjoy keeping it off.